Lipreading is a skill you can learn!

About 40% of the sounds in the English language can be seen on the lips of a speaker. Lipreading is a skill that you can learn and practice

By watching the movements of a speaker's lips, tongue, mouth, jaw  and face, you can learn to understand what the speaker is saying. This skill is especially important if you sometimes feel left out during conversations. 

We believe that the antidote to isolation is inclusion.

Lipreading can be life-changing. That's why we made a safe, accessible online space to learn how at your own pace. We're not just teaching, we're opening doors to a more confident life. 

See speech, feel connected.

Communication means feeling connected. When we can see what's being said, we feel a part of what's happening.

What is Read Our Lips Australia?

Read Our Lips Australia is an online lipreading course built for you. We've built this course so that anyone, anywhere, can have the opportunity to learn to lipread.